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Tips for Advanced Searching

By default, the entire Website is searched. Click “Resources Only” to limit your search.

Using the Keyword Search

You can search on a single word or a string of words. If you enter multiple words separated by commas, the comma is treated like OR (explained further below). If you omit the commas, the search will treat your words as a phrase.

A word search will return results containing the word and its variations. For example, searching for “instrument” will find “instrument,” “instruments,” “instrumental” and “instrumentation.” Searching for “instru” will not find these words, but a wildcard search for “instru*” will, along with other words beginning with the letters “instru” (e.g. “instructional”).

You may also use the following operators and wildcards in your search:

The following table shows examples of various keyword searches:

Search Example Search Result
low, brass, instrument “low” or “brass” or “instrument”
low brass instrument the phrase “low brass instrument”
film “film” or “films” or “filming” or “filmed”
filming AND fun “film” or “films” or “filming” or “filmed,” and “fun”
filming OR fun “film” or “films” or “filming” or “filmed” or “fun”
filming NOT fun “film” or “films” or “filming” or “filmed,” but not “fun”